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Petlogix Feline Coat Shampoo Body Wash (250g)

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Petlogix Feline Coat Shampoo Body Wash (250g)

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Petlogix Coat wash shampoo provides a quick solution to bathe your cat and other pets in minutes so that you can ensure their utmost health and without worry nature. Formulated using all natural ingredients, wash Shampoo is blended to effectively clean and disinfect your pet while maintaining proper ph balance.

Natural body wash for your pets with wash shampoo, you can ensure to keep your pet clean, healthy and happy. The offered unique formula is perfect to clean and support the skin and coat of your lovable pets. Besides, it is perfect to get rid of that stinky smell so that your pets will look fresh all day long

UNIQUE FORMULA THAT PETS WILL LOVE: It is quite tough to give your pet a hassle-free bath as most of the products available in the market are sensitive. Our Shampoo is made with non-irritating ingredients so your pet will enjoy the bathe from start to finish.

PERFECT FOR ITCHY, DRY OR IRRITATED SKIN: This Shampoo by Petlogix is perfect for your pets belonging to all age groups. Whether it is the dandruff, itching, dry or irritated skin that is bothering to your pet, a usual bath with this body wash will ease distress and promote healthy skin.

PRMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: Due to its rich natural formula, this body wash has natural anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties that ensure your pet to stay fresh, revitalized and clean all day long. Also, you can also be worry-free for your pets as an owner.

EASY TO APPLY: Our Petlogix Feline Coat Shampoo is easy to apply on your pet. Use warm or cold water to simply wet your pet thoroughly insuring a deep, moist coat. Mix this one cap full of this Dark Shine Wash in water and apply over your pet to create leather. Rinse and wipe off with an absorbent cloth.

Pour 1 cap full of 100% natural pets shampoo in a mug filled with 3/4th part water and mix well (quality may be changed as per need). Thoroughly wet the coat of your pet with water and rinse out heavy dirt. Wipe off with an absorbent cloth. Towel or air dry.
Aloevera and Olive Oil extract
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